Map Pieter Van der AA, Pieter: F Draakx schip vaart door de straat en zuyd zeegedaan om de gantsen Aard Kloot

  • $435.00

Framed. A rare world map showing California as an island, an early Australia and Tasmania. The map depicts the circumnavigation of the world by (Sir) Francis Drake. Drake sailed from England in 12/1577 and returned in 09/1580. His commission was to harass the Spanish treasure fleets. An interesting engraving in the bottom left corner showing the execution of Thomas Doughty an English nobleman who accompanied Drake on the voyage and which ended with his being found guilty of mutiny. Doughty's execution established the precedence that a ship's captain was its absolute ruler, regardless of the rank or social class of its passengers.
  • colour: Black & White
  • height: 16.0cms
  • width: 23.7cms
  • year: c1700

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