N Caley (Neville Cayley) Watercolour of Blue Teals in Flight

  • $650.00

N Caley ( Neville Cayley ) water colour 'Flight Of The Blue Teals' A puzzling painting with three different renditions of the artists name N Caley on the work itself then Neville Caley in the title block and lastly on the back in someones hand is Neville Cayley. It is possible that Neville Cayley was not overly pleased with the end result in this work and signed it as such not to directly attribute the work to hinself but also to give the work a tracable provinence not leaving it without a tracable history.
Approximate size with frame - width 41cms
                                               - height 54cms
Approximate size inside frame - width 23cms
                                                  - height 33cms

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